Beyond Limits (2011)

Production year: 2011
Country: USA
Director: Keith Miller
Studio: Helix, SpankThis
Genre: Spanking, Fetish, Twinks, Blonds, Brunette, College Guys, Latin
Length: 1:19:42
Starring: Jeff Sterne, Preston Stone, Felix Russo, Derrick Porter, Adrian Layton, Devon Pryce, Ian Huntt

Description: Jeff Sterne returns with a new lot of unruly boys who need to be set straight. Spank fans will love watching Naughty blonds Derrick Porter, Devon Pryce and brunette cuties Adrian Layton and Ian Huntt get swatted with paddles, whips and spanked hard with Sterne’s bare hands until the twinks smooth, tender rears are burning red. There’s no holding back until These twinks learn the error of their ways.
Scene 1 (Sterne & Stone)
Bad boy Preston Stone soon learns that the “first step is admitting it, and the second step is taking it” and take it he surely does in this hard spank scene. This is a tough-love session where Jeff Sterne breaks Preston down, swatting the platinum blonde’s bubble butt until its a bright red bubble about to burst. Sterne lays Stone’s beautifully toned, tanned body across his lap and tortures the poor boy’s butt cheeks until he’s left in tears, but is sure to turn a new leaf.
Scene 2 (Jeff Spanks Felix)
After some probing questions, Sterne finds out that Felix has never been disciplined, and is not taking life seriously. He resolves to spank that smirk right off of Russo’s face. The cute latin twink realizes that Sterne’s not messing around when he brings out the paddle, and the pain sets in. Pulling down Felix’s pants we see that his ass is already rosy red from the hard slapping, but Sterne’s not done yet. After some begging and pleading, the master disciplinarian continues the spanking punishment, and doesn’t let up until he’s sure the twinks ass is sore enough to remember.
Scene 3 (Jeff & Derrick)
It seems that Derrick Porter’s lack of direction and discipline is taking him nowhere fast. Jeff Sterne gives the blonde twink boy his first dose of corporal punishment…ever. Its a special case so Porter gets the hands-on spank treatment, and not one use of a paddle or other tool of discipline, a rare thing. With his bare hand, Sterne is able to impart a lesson on Derricks creamy smooth ass that he’ll never forget, leaving his butt cheeks fiery red.
Scene 4 (Adrian Gets Spanked)
When Jeff Sterne takes a twink boy under his wing, he expects him to keep his feet on the ground, unless he’s bent over Jeff’s knee with a sore ass. Adrian Layton hasn’t been behaving up to standard, so its time for Sterne’s brand of ‘hand job.’ This one is SpankThis at its finest. Layton is a tight bodied, naughty young boy, who takes a hard spanking session like no other.
Scene 5 (Devon’s Red Ass)
It may seem like Devon Pryce behaves badly on purpose, just so he can get punished by Jeff Sterne. He moans with pleasure as Sterne lays down the law on his ass cheeks. Each swat brings him pleasure and pain, and he leaves feeling the burn on his flesh yet completely satisfied.
Scene 6 (Sterne Spanks Ian)
Ian Huntt has been a lazy twink. So Jeff Sterne wakes him up from a nap to teach him a lesson. This sloth-boy needs some discipline. Sterne puts the damage on his cute boy butt and then whips out his belt to solidify the message.

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