Blue Boys (2004)

Year: 2004
Director: Sergei Loginov
Studio: Strawberry
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Russians, Dad + Son
Duration: 1 hour 32 minutes
Cast: Blue RUSSIAN family

Two big fellows to a floor – 21 and 30 years old, have absolutely meaningly created the present family – a society cell in a gay format. Have celebrated a wedding and live together. (By the moment of shootings of a film they have lived together the whole year).

You will see as they: – quarrel, reconciled, admire and pardoned; – walk, bathe, sunbathe, are taken for a ride in a car, play about shish kebabs; – drink, smoke, and play gamblings, and also: – сношаются, are sucked, and for some reason are rather suspiciously mown on the operator who removes their love… Heroes of a tape tell to spectators about the and about the understanding of matrimonial fidelity. The senior spouse in holiday, and younger gets a job. It has gone on interview and the happy has returned. And you will see it. These are three days from a life of the present gay family. From as it after all happens!

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