Cabin Buddies Teddy Torres and Zac Hunter (2017)

Production year: 2017
Country: USA
Studio: ColbysCrew
Genre: Blow Job, Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Masturbation, Rimming, Cumshots, Hairy
Duration: 00:24:13
Description: What do boys and winter have in common? A desperate need for the hotness of a stiff wood in a hot fire! After settling in at the cabin, the guys had a good night’s rest and headed out to the wintry wonderland for some fun in the sun and snow.

A little bit of horse play, a little bit of piggyback play and all were bonding admirably. But before that was to happen, morning wood would have it’s say, as it always has a way of kicking things off on the right foot. Rewind from the slopes, to daybreak in the cabin, where we find a horny Teddy Torres in bed with a sleeping Tobias James nestled alongside him. While jacking his stiffening dick, he’s texting with an also horny Zac Hunter, sharing dick pics, and making immediate plans to hook up. Within seconds, Zac arrives in the room and settles on the bed in between Teddy’s hairy legs. He does a fine job ministering Teddy’s stiffening cock. All the while, Tobias is soundly asleep, missing all the fun. As things are getting heated, the guys decide to exit the room, leaving dreamy sleeping beauty to his dreams. They don’t get much further than the stairs. All are still asleep at this early hour, yet Teddy and Zac are wide awake and at full mast. Teddy goes down on Zac’s curved cock and delivers one of his talented blow jobs, fingering the kid’s hungry ass. Zac is now the object of Teddy’s focus as he laps, lubes and tongues the boy’s bountiful butt. After stretching and lubing his hole, Teddy expands it even more by shoving his fat 8” uncut cock deep inside the warm crevice. Zac is getting such a pounding, he risks waking the entire cabin crew… Teddy doesn’t relent! He keeps thrusting his huge dick in and out of the kid’s hot hole. Bracing himself against the higher stairs, Zac keeps getting pounded while Teddy’s mood becomes more aggressive. Flesh on flesh, cock and hole connect with intensity. Teddy is building up quite the sweat. Then he loses control. He’s the first to shoot his load, reaching way up to Zac’s shoulder and beyond. The kid then repositions himself so he can drop his fine load directly into Teddy’s gut. Beard to beard, they kiss. And swap cum. As Zac heads back to his room, a groggy Tobias enters the hallway to see if Teddy is alright. Innocence is not Teddy’s forte, but he still manages a lame excuse and gets drawn back to bed by Tobias comforting words.

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