Hungarian Heat (1999)

Production year: 1999
Country: Hungary
Director: Steve Kiraly
Studio: Falcon International
Genre: Cum Shots, Facial, Fisting, Safe Sex, Rimming, Threesome, Muscle Men, Anal / Oral Sex
Length: 1:27:24
Starring: Gaspar Urge, Korath Fereng, Martin Sandor, Miklos Zsolt, Milos Csaba, Patrik Zsolt, Peter Vegh, Serge Istavan, Serge Timar, Thomas Laszlo

Description: Martin Sandor, Patrik Zsolt and Serge Istavan lead a cast of handsome, uncut and natural young men ready and eager to storm the East European countryside! Indoors, outdoors … all day, all night … these guys generate the heat!

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