Italian Style (2000)

Year: 2000
Directed by: Lucas Kazan
Studio: Sarava production / Lucas Kazan Productions
Genre: Anal, Big Cocks, Big Loads, muscles, couples, trio
Duration: 1 hour 47 min.
Starring: Pietro Cattani, Victor Racek, Glauco, Flavio Rossini, Marco Ramazzotti, Daniele Della Valle, Daniele Barbareschi, Roberto Ruggiero, Tony Colombo, Michelangelo Risi, Raul Veneziani

Description: Italian Style – fuck, then cum, then fuck again, and finally, cum again. This GayVN Award-winner for Best Foreign Release is beautifully directed and shot completely in Italy. This dvd is one of quality, with great cinematography, an excellent muscular cast (equipped with plump Italian sausages), and beautiful scenery. The action is split up into four different episodes: The Palace; The Pool; The Country; and The City. The first of the four may very well be the best, at least for fans of studly Victor Racek. The Palace opens as Racek and his lover, played by Daniele Barbareschi, sleep soundly in their bed. Racek awakens, smiling at the sight of his sweetheart who is still in the midst of a dream. He begins to give his dreaming partner a b.j. and, when he wakes up, soon shares his dream with Racek. His dream comes to life, and soon, Racek is a servant in Pietro Cattani’s palace, where he must do anything Mr. Cattani wishes – even whip out his member to fuck his master’s face and, eventually, his ass. The scenes intertwine, switching back and forth between the two. Racek reaches climax in both of the scenes – bottoming for one, topping the other – and finally has a simultaneous orgasm with himself.

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