Rapture (1999)

Production year: 1999
Country: Czech Republic
Directed by: Wim Hof, Pavel Nikos
Studio: Chez Mate Video, All Worlds Video
Genre: Twinks, Rubbing, Outdoor Sex, Military / Soldier, Romance, Threeways, Anal, Oral
Length: 2:40:09
Starring: Martin Pravda, Pavel Dubcek, Andel, El Greco, Pepa, Pavel Korsakov, Jirka Kalvoda, Tabor Schindler, Adam Novatny, Jarda Waldek, Zdenek Romany

Description: The stunningly beautiful cover art is just one of the highlights in this very worthy entry from directors Wim Hof (aka William Higgins) and Pavel Nikos. Perky, uncut cocks, smooth, boyish faces and … opera? For some reason, every time this 2 1/2 hour celebration of Easter European manhood starts to heat up, opera singing kicks in at an alarming decibel. Aside from that distraction, the videography is top-notch, the scenery exquisite and the men / boys pretty tasty and gorgeous. Sexual shenanigans are carried out in a variety of settings, including a fire-lit parlor, a bathhouse (featuring a cameo by a rubber toy) and a verdant wooded glen. The main problem with the film is that it’s so artfully done that it lacks the raw sexual energy that makes porn so delicious. The sex sometimes comes across as almost mechanical; it’s perhaps a bit too beautifully done. Though not for everyone, hardcore opera fans and those who like their Slavs presented with a Merchant-Ivory flair will find that Rapture truly lives up to is name.

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