Raw Threeway Flip Flop Jigsaw, Kadus King and Toby Springs (2016)

Production year: 2016
Country: USA
Genre: Threesome, Blowjob, Anal, Flip Flop, Bareback, Spit Roasting, Tattoos, Masturbation, Young Men
Duration: 00:45:31
Description: Just three dudes chilling on a Tuesday afternon …. NOT! Toby and I wanted to see how Kadus would do in a flip flop, and on the same morning. I told Jigsaw that Kadus and Toby were coming over and that he should, too.

Like clockwork the guys sat on the bed and played some straight porn on the laptop. It always boggles my mind. Who are they trying to fool? Themselves? Haha! At any rate, once they were, they were naked and sucked out by each others’ cocks, they were not paying attention to the bitches. Kadus, Toby, and Jigsaw gor REALLY into it. After a log of cock-sucking action, Toby is up first, fucking the living daylights out of Kadus, who is obviously loving it. As he gets plowed, he is sucking. Jigsaw’s big fat dick as if he were a calf going for some milk. There’s just something so fuckable about Kadus. I can never get enough of his ass, and I’m sure that Toby feels that way as well. It just feels good (and Kadus loves it, which is even better). When it’s time to flip, Jigsaw goes down on Kadus to get him extra hard before Toby impales himself, sliding up and down on Kadus’s dick. Kadus is one of the most verse guys I’ve met, and he definitely gives it to Toby. All the while, Jigsaw is sitting there. When all the fucking is over, the three amigos pull out the daisy chain circle jerk and each one cums buckets. Jigsaw cums first, followed by Kadus. The best adjective to describe the end of this session is passionate. They are all so in each other and the cocks. These man-sex newbies have another notch in their belts, to be sure!



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