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Med In France (2012)

Production year: 2012
Country: France
Studio: Citebeur
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Very Big Dick, Rimming, Hairy, Twink, Cumshot
Duration: 1:44:53
Starring: Med, Jawel, Rudy, Kid Chocolate, Carlo Sata, Kriss Le Pompier, David
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Fievre du printemps (2011)

Production year: 2011
Country: France
Directed by: Ste’phane Moussu
Studio: Clair Production
Genre: oral / anal sex, threeway, twinks
Length: 1:40:33
Starring: Daniel Wood, Lark Marks, Johan Koco, Palmer Lewis, Jake Hall, Doug Falusi, Eliott Cerry, Mark Archer, Garry Hanson, Chance Smith, Justin Phoeni
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Magic Spirits (2002)

Production year: 2002
Country: Deutschland
Directed by: Andreas
Studio: The French Connection, Blue Star
Genre: oral / anal sex, outdoor, Twinks, Teens
Length: 1:26:47
Cast: Charly Kamil, Jan Reichelt, Jarek Dropp, Maik Ltsffert, Mario Kassan, Markus Harrer, Michael Zeller, Peter Smits, Rainer Bardu, Rainer Nowak, Reiko Muller, Thomas Levy, Walt Skippa
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Une Baise Presque Parfaite 3 (2012)

Production year: 2012
Country: France
Directed by: Stéphane Berry
Studio: Berry Productions
Genre: Twinks, Hunks, Oral / Anal Sex, Group Sex, Masturbate, Big Cocks
Duration: 1:36:14
Starring: Fabian Esteban, Greg Diesel, Greg Centuri, Andy Chou, Mateo Lamour, Roméo Courtois, Baptiste Berry, Stéphane Berry and more
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1 Heure De Colle (2012)

Production year: 2012
Country: France
Directed by: Ludovic Poltier
Studio: Menoboy
Genre: Twinks, Oral / Anal Sex, Cumshot, Masturbate, Big Cocks
Duration: 1:34:41
Starring: Thibault Tribou, Raphael Yeaahh, Sunny Blue, Julyann Roch, Dylan James
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Touch of Magic (Cadinot, French Art)

A.K.A.: Le Garc,on Pre`s De La Piscine
Country: France
Director: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Studio : Cadinot / French Art
Genre: Anal, Oral, Vintage, Classic, Twinks
Cast: Hank Reisner, Didier Bertran, Patrick Serra, Yannick Baud, Mickael Alban, Klaus Keller, Patrick Jouvin, Alain Garnier
A rather sweet film from director Cadinot, who’s been known to get a little rough at times. This one is all fantasy and romance – a young lad is pining for some companionship and love in his life. So, he does would any of us would do – he sends out for some magic tablets that, when thrown into his pool, cause young fawnlike boys to spring forth with their wide open mouths and rosebuds. Steeped deeply in logic, as you can tell. No matter, these young ‘uns go at it like nobody’s business, providing some good spooge shots.
Some of the guys here look alarmingly young – even by Cadinot standards – and they do sort of blend in together after a while. Still, it’s hard not to like such a sweet flick (lots of groping, kissing, hugging and fondling) and it should satisfy the fans.
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Cum Fly with Collin! (2010)

Year: 2010
Country: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Romania, Spain
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Freshmen, Daddies Men, Intergenerational, Muscle Men, Hairy, Masturbation Solo, Piercings, Rimming, Tattoos
Length: 1:54:40
Starring: Collin O’Neal, Jan Van Arse, Casio, Icarus, Joey Intenso, Jorge Ballantinos, Justin Harris, Vin Costes
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Leche De Cariocas (2010)

Year: 2010
Country: France
Directed by: Stephane Moussu
Studio: Clair Produtstion
Genre: bareback, anal, oral, latinos
Length: 2:05:12

Description: Handsome masculine faces and huge pre-cum dripping cocks for semen hungry boy-sluts. Man cream is gonna explode and dribble all over these guys’ mouth holes. Wide open asses and dick yogurth for everyone! 123 minutes of wild fucking in full bareback mode!
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When Dreams Cum True (2010)

Year: 2010
Director: Conny Haller
Studio: IKARUS Entertainment
Genre: Oral, Anal Sex, Bareback, Rimming, Big Dick, Twinks, Cumshot
Duration: 01:29:35
Cast: Louie Eshby, Tony Milano, Chester Pool, Dan Steele, Denver Hill, Dimitri Borodin, Enrico Sanchez, Falco White
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Secrets De Famille

Year: 2004
Director: Jean Daniel Cadinot
Studio: Cadinot
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Three-way, Big Dicks, Deep Throat, Masturbation, Rimming
Duration: 103 min
Cast: Casimir Rich, Dorian Valmont, Harvey Whistle, Haythem Nidal, Kamel Mehadi, Mario Cavalieri, Martin Berne, Maximilien Kobs, Sylvain Paka
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Beaux Mecs #1 (2010)

Year: 2010
Country: France
Directed by: Stephane Moussu
Studio: Clair Production
Genre: Bareback, Oral / Anal Sex, Twinks (Young Meat), Rimming, Big Cocks
Length: 1:36:00
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Stag Candy (2010)

Production year: 2010 (date of the official DVD: April 29, 2010)
Country: Spain
Directed by: Francesco D’Macho, Damien Crosse
Studio: Stag Homme Studios, Raging Stallion Studios
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Freshmen, Daddies Men, Muscle Men, Horsehung, Fetish: Food, Spitting, Latino Men, Outdoor Sex, Piercings, Rimming, Rough Sex, Tattoos
Length: 2:21:37
Cast: Rob Nelson, Damien Crosse, Francesco D’Macho, Apollo, William Foxx, Orlando Toro, Matthew Rush, Jean Franko, Lucio Saints
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Le culte deros (French Art and Videovision)

Production year: 2009
Country: France
Directed by: Francois Oren
Studio: French Art, Videovision
Genre: oral, anal, twinks, outdoor, threesome, dildo
Duration: 01:57:02
Cast: Ludovic Canot, Rudy Tchenko Angel Tyessen Jules Jain, Raul Zambrano, Alex Noriega, Sebastian Lux, Jordan Corelli, Fabert Hugo Hugo Fabert, Arno Morrison
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