The Bite

Year: 1993
Directed by: Chi Chi La Rue
Studio: Catalina Video
Genre: anal, oral, rimming, cumshots, muscules, vintage
Duration: 1:09:10
Starring: Derrick Corbin, Dillon Reid, John Rhode, Jon Vincent, Londun, Madison, Max Holden, Randall Maxxon, Rob Cryston, Sean Carrera, Steve Lipariti

Description: Catalina’s take on the Dracula genre just serves to prove that every day is Halloween in Hollywood.The boys are called home to the reading of mum’s will and the audience is introduced to the other members of the family – John Sexton, the loyal butler , Janis Jones, the sister who stood by her ailing mother and pretty boy Rob Steele, mother’s new husband. The siblings are left next to nothing, but Steele, who fulfilled all of mum’s sexual desires – gets the wad!

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