They Grow ‘Em Big (1988)

Production year: 1988
Country: United States
Directed by: John Travis
Studio: Catalina Video, Bijou Video
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Muscle, Cowboy, Outdoor Sex, Orgy Scene, Classic, Vintage
Duration: 1:18:37
Cast: Tom Brock, Eric Manchester, Steve Ross, T. J. Stryker, Eric Radford, Vladimir Correa, Dean Chassen, Todd Baxter, Jay Hawkins

Description: O.K. partner, it’s time for a real rope ’em, ride’ em, drive ’em sexual romp. Feel the power of superstar Tom Brock as he takes you and his buddy’s TJ Stryker, Steve Ross, and hunky hung Vladimir Correa on a down on your knees rodeo of lust. Experience it all in “They Grow ‘Em Big” from Catalina Video.

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