Wide Strokes (2005)

Year: 2005
Studio: COLT
Genre: oral, anal, muscles, bears
Duration: 02:05:44
Cast: Zak Spears, Chris Wide, Carlo Masi, Gage Weston, Leo Rocca, Luke Garrett

In “Wide Strokes,” COLT not only presents some of the most splendid specimens of manhood ever captured on film, it shows them at their most sensual and romantic, with that rare lovemaking tenderness that Romeo would bestow on Juliet — or in this case, Julio. The absence of such Johnny-come-lately sex techniques as spitting, verbal abuse, and physical near-violence is noticeable. There is doubtless room for both rough action and the romantic sensibility shown here, but the performances here have become all too rare and therefore more enjoyable for it. German hunk Chris Wide and Italian stud Carlo Masi, brilliantly paired in the opener, demonstrate perfectly how tenderness and sensuality combine with beefy musculature to create a powerful onscreen vision. This is the first time that I have seen them together, and the chemistry between these men is fantastic. They take their time caressing, kissing and then moving on to more carnal acts, but there is nothing that is any more heart-stopping than when Chris leans over, Carlo’s fat cock from the fly of his jeans, and takes it in his mouth gently. Carlos’ reaction — a completely natural sigh of pleasure, is one of the hottest sounds in the entire production. Chris and Carlo’s lovemaking includes lavish, joyous cocksucking, and then exquisitely slow and tantalizing rimming that has Carlo plunging between Chris’ shapely buttcheeks with his insistent, pointy tongue. This builds to a rousing, versatile fuck and has each stud showing that he is equally talented in either role. This duo scene is destined to be remembered for a long time to come. Luke Garrett, has been something of a sensation on the Internet, for his handsome good looks, and his stunningly perfect physique. His partner here is former Marine Gage Weston, whose body is just as impressive as Luke’s. They burn up the screen in a bedroom scene, and the subtext here is that Gage is getting a well-deserved reward upon returning home from Iraq. Luke plays it to the hilt, feeding Gage his cock and then giving Gage his due, returning the favor thrillingly. Reciprocity is the theme, and Gage and Luke move comfortably to either the top or bottom role throughout, and it’s just hot as hell to watch them go at each other in every way imaginable. There is a time, though, that Luke seems to take control — first, fucking Gage from behind, and then pushing his lover down on the bed so that he can sit on his cock and ride it. Luke’s muscular ass is one of the most photogenic you’re ever likely to see, whether it’s flexing as he thrusts into Gage or with Gage’s cock delving into the deep valley between Luke’s asscheeks. They finish with a huge facial cum-shot, as Gage blasts out his cream all over Luke’s shaved head and cheek, making me truly wonder if this guy had been saving up the whole time he had been overseas. Chris returns, filmed in a brilliantly blue pool in the sizzling sunlight. As dark and sexy Leo Rocca soaks in a nearby hot tub, Chris swims up and the scene takes off, from suggestive grins to deep, passionate kisses. He-man Chris then literally picks Leo out of the hot tub and carries him to the side of the pool, taking control, while Leo understandably gives in. Leo’s cock gleams wetly as Chris’ mouth dives on it, and then the sun glints between Chris’ meaty asscheeks when Leo parts them and alternates between tonguing and lightly fingering Chris’ hole. Chris then bends Leo and fucks him, and Chris’ magnificent, lightly furred torso, his abs taut, is a memorable sight as the sun streams down it. Then Leo gets his turn, and he buries his cock in Chris, literally hammering his with it, as the big stud takes it like a man. The wind up with side-by-side stroke-offs, and each dude manages an impressive pop-shot. The finale brings back our man Carlo and teams him with hairy porn god Zack Spears. Zak and Carlo were paired once before, in a scene that appeared in the “BuckleRoos: Premium Collector’s Edition,” an amazing scene where Zak, as the Man in Black, plowed Carlo’s ass expertly. But this time the condom is on the other cock, and Carlo proves that he’s just as adept in the top man role. The scene gets going with some playful horsing around, as the two hunks wrestle on a double lounge chair poolside. The easy laughter, the affection, and the natural way Zak and Carlo interact with each other adds a tremendous amount of heat to the proceedings. The heat between these stallions builds to the boiling point gradually, with kissing, cocksucking, ass play, and finally, an eye-popping scene in which Zak sits on Carlo’s thick meat and rides it hard (with great dirty-talk throughout from Zak).
“Wide Strokes” offers muscle sex at its finest, with the singular talent of director John Rutherford at the absolute top of his game, and videography by Todd Montgomery and Mr. Pam is artful and technically expert in every scene.

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