A Hole’s A Hole (2007)

Year: 2007
Country: USA
Directed by: Doug, Jay
Studio: Amateur Straight Guys
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Amateur, Cumshot, Group, Big Dick, Hairy, Straight Guys
Length: 2:08:01
Cast: Bosco, Brock, Guzzo, Jasin, Kai, Landon, Marcus, Ryken, Spence, Vince

Description: It’d been a while since we’d filmed with Vince and even longer since we’d witnessed the incredibly hot Jasin. We invited the guys to hang with us on a Saturday night and they really hit it off. Both guys have lots in common. They’re both switch hitters but prefer pussy just a tad more, and they’re both perpetually horny and in need of popping a nut. After a few hours we persuaded the guys to browse through a pussy mag in front of the camera to see what would happen. What happened was beyond what we’d hoped! Nuts were really busted that night, in addition to some cherries being popped (sounds like an ad for a breakfast cereal). Brock, David and I went out for some cocktails recently. After a few hours we were talking about all the things that both guys had done on the site, and how neither of them had ever imagined they would be doing ‘gay shit’ when they were younger. In between rounds, Brock finally came out saying how much he liked ‘certain things’ that he never thought he’d like. David admitted the same thing, telling us that he liked how tight a butthole was when he fucked one, which he hadn’t done all that much. Well, guess what ‘certain things’ Brock said he liked? I took the guys back, threw up the lights, got out the camera and this is what transpired after our session at the bar. Let’s just say that drinks weren’t they only thing that got pounded that night. Then, we decided to pair up hot studs Guzzo and Vince. While this isn’t their first time together, some things are just so good it’s worth a second visit. These guys start going down on each other and one thing leads to another – as it usually does around here – and what it leads to is one fucking hot fuck! Guzzo really gets into plowing Vince. Since we’ve gotten to know Landon we’ve uncovered a secret about him that we find intriguing and sexy: Landon is addicted to underwear! He loves wearing it, loves watching other guys wearing underwear and loves watching them change. Sniffing a nice worn pair of underwear really gets him going (boy, can we to that). So we had Marcus come back from his hiatus to serve as our resident underwear model. Marcus was pretty turned on by how turned on Landon became as he was posing and strutting for him, one thing led to another, and Marcus let go of some long pent-up tension. Damn … we think you’ll need to change your underwear after watching this one!

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