Addison and Charlie RAW (2015)

Production year: 2015
Country: USA
Studio: ChaosMen
Genre: Twink, Kissing, Older/Younger, Oral / Anal Sex, 69, Ass Play, Rimming, Bareback, Masturbation, Muscles, Big Dick, Close ups, Jerking Off, Cum Shots, Creampie, Tattoos, Piercing, Brunettes, Dad / Son
Duration: 00:20:55
Description: When Charlie did his solo, he mentioned the of guys he was into were of the Nordic god variety. But off camera he said he really liked ‘mature’ guys, which I felt went with his twink-like looks for doing some daddy / son of video.

Enter Addison, who definitely has a ‘stroller bait’ vibe about him. He has been doing videos as a bottom and has seemed more passive, and I was pretty sure Charlie was a passive of guy. So I was little worried neither guy would take control of the situation. As it turns out, Addison is quite happy being the bossy one with his boy! They start by kissing, and Addison starts sucking on his boy’s cock, trying to get him really turned on. When Charlie gives him head back, you can tell he is all about making his daddy happy as well! Addison is a great Top, though he very quickly rims Charlie’s hole before putting his cock inside him. Those curved cocks are awesome for porn fucking, and we get to see Charlie’s hole deeply penetrated. Addison nuts first, creaming his boy’s hole. They then race to make Charlie nut before Addison’s cock goes down (it does not!) Then Addison licks up Charlie’s massive load!

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