AGGRO 2 Brutalised Max London and Wade Steel (2018)

Production year: 2018
Country: UK
Studio: UKHotJocks
Genre: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Tattoos, Big Dicks, Muscle, Jockstraps, Cumshots, Rimming
Duration: 00:20:38
Description: Massive mound of muscle Wade Steel is as dominant as they come. He sits heavily on the red box waiting for a cute young sub to walk in and take what abuse he’s got to give.

Max London fresh off the porn block, his first ever sex or nudity on camera strolls in confidently to the AGGRO pit right on up to Wade, who grabs the cocky cunt, brings him in close for a somewhat tender kiss… before pushing him to his knees, stuffing his face in his crotch, yanking his head back and gobbling in his face. Wade is big in every respect and his fat, hard cock is no exception! Max is pushed deep down to his balls, taking all 8” to the back for his throat, then hauled off his cock, leaving him gagging, gasping and covered in his own spit! Back on his cock, sucking for all he’s worth, showing off his deepthroating skills. Wade isn’t a stranger to his own filth, he revels in wiping the gob off his boys face, tasting it himself… then spitting it back at him, messing him right up! He rags him around dragging him on top of the box so his head is hanging over the edge for a good throat fucking. This boy can seriously take it! Max lays back and opens his hole, letting every inch of big Wade in, he knows better than to resist! Masterfully he warms the boy up with some long, slow strokes before building up to a steam driven pounding, using every ounce of weight and force to obliterate his fuck hole… almost taking the box out with him! Bending him over, grabbing his harness and riding him till the end of the earth, if he didn’t feel him deep before, he has now! Max is pulled back, arching gracefully into a kiss from, doggy position, before being pushed back and ridden like fuck! Play time on the tyre swing, Max get an opportunity to lay down but his hole is being shown no mercy. Wade uses the full weight off an industrial tractor tyre hanging from some chains, to swing Maxs arse onto his cock, again and again. Wades strong thighs take the repetitive beating of the extremely heavy rubber with every fuck-stroke. Building up the pace he pulls him in for a hard pounding, fucking the hot white cum out of mats pulsing dick. Dragging him off the tyre Wade wants to cover that pretty face in his spunk.. so he does, loads of it!

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