Cooper Reed and Palmer RAW (2014)

Production year: 2014
Country: USA
Studio: ChaosMen
Genre: Anal Sex, Bareback, Flip-Flop, Blowjob, 69, Rimming, Fingering, Kissing, Jocks, Muscles, Masturbation, Tattoos, Cumshots
Duration: 00:29:57
Description: With Palmer moving ahead full-steam though this limits, I wanted again to put him with someone who really knows what they are doing and could also flip-flop fuck with him. Since Palmer is into body building, and Cooper clearly spends a lot of time in the gym, I knew these two would have natural chemistry and even a little body envy.

They were trading training workouts and supplement tips on the ride to the studio, which broke the ice between the guys. But poor Palmer showed up sunburned after spending only 30 minutes in the West coast sun. He has only lived there about 8 months, and comes from the cold and dark Northeast, so he is a bit of a lobster in this shoot. If you like guys in tighty whiteys, just pretend he has a pair on the entire time, cuz it sure looks like has some shorts on! He actually tried to fix it for his next shoot, and in that one his ass is red, and rest is fine, swapping white underwear for a pair of red ones! He is definitely trying really hard to please you guys. I think he panicked a bit when he saw his photos and how pale he was, then seeing Cooper Reed and his tan, he did not want to be the whitest on the set. It might take him a bit to figure out living closer to the equator! He will get it right, and as you can see by this video, he really is trying to move past his limits. On one hand you can tell this is all new to him, while on the other, he is pushing his brain past it all. He has a hesitancy about him, but once he is down in it, he throws himself in it all the way. Even bottoming you can tell he is struggling a bit to accommodate Cooper’s cock, but his own dick stays hard, while you can see his brain is trying to turn the pain into pleasure. Once he is up and doing the fucking, he gains his confidence back. He really does like fucking ass, and for now, that is his strong point. Speaking of getting fucked up the ass and enjoying it, Cooper, who excels at topping, seems more in the groove of getting fucked these days. He even cums with Palmer pounding his hole. Have I mentioned before how much I love having Cooper here to help work with the new guys ?! As for Palmer’s creampie action, he still struggles to let go of his cock while shooting his load. Like Cooper, I am not sure if we will get the “release and cum” action, but he does a fine job filling Cooper with his load!

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