Czech Hunter 215 (2015)

Production year: 2015
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Duet, Interview, Blow Job, Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Amateurs, POV, Masturbation, Facial, Cumshot, Uncut, Young Men
Duration: 00:53:38
Description: I have a feeble for skaters, for football-players and for … sprayers. Today I met a group of sprayer guys and I simply could not resist to try my luck. The guy I talked to was just 18, though he looked a bit older. Maybe because he was very tall.

So it was my chance to find out if the dicks of taller guys are bigger according to their body size. But of course I proceeded step by step. First I convinced him to show me his dick, then to give me a hand job for 5 000. He lived nearby so no need for a hotel this day. But then we noticed that his roommate was sleeping. He was terrified from the that he could find out but I still convinced him to do it in the bathroom. But this bathroom did not even have a key. So we had to be silent as good as we could.

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