Don’t Stop Jerry Stearn and Patrick O’Connor (2017)

Production year: 2017
Country: USA
Studio: DudesRaw
Genre: Blowjob, Anal, Rimming, Bareback, Interracial, Rimming, Huge Cock, Jockstrap
Duration: 00:25:35
Description: Don’t Stop. Home from the gym, Jerry Stearns’ musk has got my hole winkin. Grinding into my ass with his big cock, I take a knee and swallow what I can. Leaving my strap on, Jerry gives me some deep kisses, where it counts. Once he’s got that enormous cock up me, my body goes limp as I beg for more. By the time we’re on the couch, he’s ramming that thing in me and spewing; he fills me up. Biting my neck, Jerry has me lean up against him and show him my “appreciation.” Patrick O’Connor is very much a bottom for DudesRaw his skills are amazing.

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