Man & Van Joe the Plumber (2010)

Production year: 2010
Country: UK
Studio: Triga Films
Genre: Anal, Oral, Amateur, British
Duration: 1:38:13
Starring: Brad Dyer, Liam Tatum, Dave Olsson, Andy Waters, Mick Jones, Neil Jackson, Luke Desmond

Description: Triga Films Proudly Present A Right Proper British Production! Van & Man Joe The Plumber. We all know there’s not enough honest tradesmen in this country: cowboy builders, rip-off prices etc etc. Well, Joe our rough plumber lad not only comes round and does a good honest days work unblocking your plug hole and attending to your old boiler he also helps out with any other needs his customers might have whether it’s in the bathroom, the kitchen or on a spunk spattered mattress in the back of his rusty old van, Joes always got his bag of tools ready and hes always willing to lend a hand or his big fat cock! And he aint averse to shaggin his work mates either the 20 minute tea break is all Joe needs to have a quick fag and fuck some apprentice arse. Five filthy spunk filled scenes featuring our Joe, he’s always in demand!

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