Markie More and Quentin (2015)

Production year: 2015
Country: USA
Studio: ActiveDuty
Genre: Anal Sex, Bareback, Flip-Flop, 69, Blowjob, Kissing, Rimming, Hunks, Muscles, Tattoos, Cumshots
Duration: 00:43:12
Description: One thing that get my motor runnin ‘is good chemistry, and I bet you’re probably the same. Well there probably is not a finer example of that than what we have here with Quentin and Markie.

These gorgeous recruits have become swell chums during their time so far as promising, fresh Active Duty prospects. They’re really a perfect duo, when you think on it. We’ve come to know and love Markie as a strong leader who’s always ready to pound his stiff cock into a tender, impressionable young recruit’s ass, just like we saw when he and Gage linked up. But at the same time, Markie can handle a VERY hard pounding, and take it well! Look no further than the walloping he took from hard-as-nails Drill Coordinator, Michael. Now THAT was a hot fucking, and an excellent up close demonstration for James, a fresh soldier who’s still working to break out of his shell, and expand into a larger comfort zone where he can better tolerate being fucked good and hard by strong military boys . But I digress! Markie and James are certainly two handsome peas in a pod, and we catch a great glimpse of that right from the jump as they chat with Claude. Claude brings up that they’ve been growing closer as friends lately and they both laugh and agree. They’ve been hanging out around the Active Duty barracks, palling around, causing a bit of mischief, and playing a lot of grab ass … nothing Claude can not handle of course! They have a lot of fun. As Quentin settles onto the bed with Markie, he bangs his head on the headboard and both boys have a good chuckle. What an awesome vibe. They even kind of awkwardly go for each other’s dicks at first, which may be evidence of just a TOUCH of nerves to break the sexual ice. Although both Markie and Quentin have already proven they’re great on camera, I would expect just a few jitters, considering they’ve been becoming tight buddies. Quentin does not waste too much time before wrapping his mouth around Markie’s throbbing cock. He goes right to town, enjoying that hard boner he’s probably been dreaming about tasting for a while now. As he works Markie’s hard dick, Markie tugs Quentin’s raging hard on. The boys reposition after a little of this so Markie can enjoy Quentin’s nice, tight ass. Boy, Markie really knows how to enjoy an ass! And that’s great news for us, because it translates so well on camera. We see Quentin’s incredible hole licked while his soft skin is squeezed, slapped, and spread apart. While Markie does his thing, Quentin continues to take Markie’s meat deep. Then they move into a nice 69 position and work into a nice, steady pace of slurping on each other. Markie can eat an ass, but SO CAN QUENTIN! Wow! That’s the another reason why this is such a great pairing. Both guys are insatiable and once they hit their groove, the chemistry and passion becomes electric. And if you think the foreplay is hot … it only gets better. Markie starts with some extended teasing of Quentin’s hole. It’ll definitely induce you to pre cum, so watch the fuck out! Once Markie slides his cock into Quentin, you’ll be ready to see the hard pounding that ensues. There’s just so much good sex in this scene, it’s hard to describe it all without sounding too jazzed up. After Markie fucks him from behind for a while, Quentin climbs atop Mount Markie and takes a ride. This is also some intense fucking. This kissing is deep and the touching is out of this world. Claude scoops around from behind Quentin and catches Markie’s hands as they lift Quentin’s sweet cheeks up and down on his stiff dick. Then we get into the good stuff, my favorite stuff. Quentin uses those powerful legs to help him fuck Markie good. And Markie, true to form, LOVES it! I can not remember a soldier I’ve seen in a while that enjoys being reamed like our boy Markie. First Quentin fucks him from behind, then climbs up on the bed for more leverage so he can slam him even harder. For a finger-lickin ‘finish, we get to watch Markie erupt while being fucked on his back. It’s a truly explosive experience you’ll be thinkin’ bout for a while I reckon.

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