Playing For The Other Team Couple Swapping (2023)

Jim Fit and Jeremiah Cruze, both in green sports jerseys, are relaxing and waiting for their friends to show up. When Jesse Stone and Andrew Miller arrive, both wearing red jerseys, they all greet each other before settling in. From their conversation, it’s revealed that they’re all buddies from high school who now go to two neighboring colleges on football scholarships, and that they have a friendly rivalry between the football teams they play on.

This is their first time catching up in a while, and conversations soon shift to how college’s been the perfect time for everyone to experiment. Jesse and Andrew confess that they wanted to tell their friends for a while, but they’ve actually started hooking up on the downlow after realizing they were attracted to each other. However, they have to keep the whole thing hush-hush because teammates hooking up is considered a huge no-no, so if they were caught it could get them kicked off the team and even jeopardize their scholarships. Jim and Jeremiah laugh and confess that a very similar situation is happening with them. Everyone is amused what are the odds?! College really IS like that, huh? One of them jokes that it means they have a PERFECT solution: if the tops and bottoms swap partners, then there’s no more potential for conflict or scandal as a result of hooking up with a teammate! But what starts out as a joke quickly sparks interest and lust.

Production year: 2023
Country: USA
Studio: AdultTime
Genre: Bareback, Oral/Anal Sex, Rimming, Hairy, Group Sex, Muscle, Big Cocks, Masturbation, Cumshots, Tattoos
Duration: 00:28:53
Starring: Jim Fit, Jesse Stone, Andrew Miller, Jeremiah Cruze

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