The Calling Elder Rim with President Lewis (2019)

Production year: 2019
Country: USA
Studio: MormonBoyz, MissionaryBoys
Genre: Bareback, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Blowjob, Hairy, Big Cocks, Masturbation, Cumshots, Rimming
Duration: 00:22:27
Description: There is no greater honor for a young missionary than to be distinctly selected by The Order to present himself to thepriesthood. In the case of Elder Rim, he has been chosen because of his gorgeous looks, toned body, and daringness to fuck even the most respected members of the priesthood.

Today, President Lewis calls him into his office for a private meeting, divulging the good news to the boy with the cold stoicism he has become known for. He does not want to inflate the boy’s ego too early on in his Mission, though he cannot help but be instantly turned on by the young man’s presence. With a stern demeanor, President Lewis informs young Elder Rim that The Order has interest in him. He has personally decided to test the boy to see if he is fit and ready to give his body to the priesthood. Elder Rim has become accustomed to this type of attention throughout his life. His dashing appearance has brought out all kinds of dark sexual desires in the men around him. But this is the first time the boy is genuinely nervous to engage in a sexual encounter with an older man. His normally sure and steady hand slightly trembles as he lifts his t-shirt over his head. As the shirt comes off his body, President Lewis’s chest flutters in anticipation. He cannot believe he has the opportunity to sample the silky smooth boy’s body before the rest of the priesthood gets their hands on him. He is sure the boy will be incredibly popular with his fellow Order members, and for good reason. He can’t take his eyes off the young man’s rippling muscles and beautiful lips. But none of this shows up on President Lewis’s face. He keeps his exterior cool and detached as he tells the boy that he wants him to plant his seed inside his asshole. The boy follows his directions, pulling out his thick cock so he can penetrate the older man’s rectum. He tries to remain calm as Lewis touches him, caressing his cock from balls to tip before turning around to let him enter his ass from behind. As Rim slides inside, incredible pleasure overtakes him. It travels from the tip of his throbbing dick all the way to his toes as he begins to pump from behind the strong man. He can hear Lewis’s breathing and moaning, and it makes him want to burst from excitement. With Elder Rim deep inside his pulsating hole, President Lewis can no longer maintain his composure. His face contorts in deep ecstasy as waves of pleasure and pain wash over him. He cannot believe the strength and vigor of the young Elder Rim, and is unsure of where his prodigious gift for assfucking has stemmed from. How can such a young boy know how to pleasure an experienced man so well? Perhaps he will never know, but as Elder Rim breeds his sore hole, President Lewis realizes that he is in the presence of a sexual prodigy.

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