To Moscow With Love (2001)

Year: 2001
Country: Russia
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Genre: Oral, Anal, Group, Safe sex, Toys, Bareback
Length: 1:34:31
Cast: Dmitri Checkhov, Misha Petrov, Andrei Nemoff, Yuri Ivanoff, Sergei Stravinsky, Ivan Kotov, Gregor Karpov, Michael Lucas

Description: Michael Lucas does it again with “To Moscow with Love,” this time showcasing some real Russian porn talent. As always, Lucas looks great, and his huge cock is indefatigable, fucking almost the entire cast of the movie at one point or another. The first scene starts with Lucas meeting up with three very handsome men while sightseeing in Moscow. The oldest of the group, Andrei Nemoff, looks like he’s in his mid-30’s, has a long face and a fabulous body. Blond Misha Petrov is a real find, too: short, built, hung just right, with incredible blue eyes; the brunet, Dmitri Checkov, who has beautiful red-gold skin that contrasts so well with his dark hair and eyes, isn’t bad either. All three return to Lucas’s hotel for a suck-and-fuck, and Lucas and Nemoff take charge from the start. There’s a variety of oral daisy chains first, then Lucas fucks Petrov, who gladly takes Lucas’s huge dick in stride. Then Lucas gives the blond to Nemoff, going for Checkov himself. Finally, Lucas fucks Nemoff, sending all four to a messy climax. Whew! In the second scene, Lucas meets up with Sergei Stravinsky, tall, lanky, blond, with a broad pretty Russian face and a nice dick. Stravinsky has a time getting Lucas’s dick in his lovely mouth, but the fun continues with a 69, after which Lucas rims Stravinsky (very erotic!), Giving him orders to flex his ass sphincter while Lucas kisses, blows, and fingers away at it . Now that Stravinsky is prepped, Lucas wastes no time fucking him doggy, then with Stravinsky on top. This brings Stravinsky over the edge, and he cums on the sheets while Lucas’s cock is deep inside him. But, not ready to stop, he climbs back on Lucas, this time facing forward, and cums again. Lucas shoots a geyser, but unfortunately the camera misses most of it. Next Petrov and Checkov, the blond and brunet from the first scene, hook up, first orally, then with a double-headed dildo, for which they both bottom at the same time, a very erotic scene. Petrov ends with a great cumshot after topping Checkov, and the scene ends as quickly as it started. Next Lucas has another foursome in the works, this time with a couple of bottoms and with Ivan Kotov, a tall, lanky boy with shaggy jet-black hair. Again, there’s much butt play and Lucas leaves no hole unfilled. As usual, the scene ends with great cumshots (Lucas’s hits one boy full in the face) from three of the players. In the last scene, Lucas and Nemoff, the older man from the first scene, get together. After sucking Nemoff for a while, Lucas has Nemoff sit on his dick and ride away, something Nemoff really enjoys: his cock is rock-hard throughout the whole ordeal, harder even than Lucas’s. Each model climaxes well, and that’s it. Lucas’s work alone sets “To Moscow with Love” well above average, while the production values used throughout the video (lighting, sound, sets) let us see and hear everything we need to in order to enjoy the very natural and believable way in which all the models interact. In other words, there really isn’t one weak link in the cast of this film, so it’s truly worth your time to take a look at it, whether you’re a fan of Eastern Europeans in particular or hot guys in general.

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