Brawlers (2006)

Year: 2006
Director: John Bruno
Studio: Mustang Studios
Genre: Muscles, Bear, Anal, Safe Sex, Oral, Hairy
Duration: 01:40:32
Cast: Tommy Blade, Cal Speedy Reynolds, Jon Galt, Mark Slade, Matt Majors, Nick Marino, Ray Stone, Shane Rollins, Tamas Eszterhazy, Trey Casteel, Tyler Michaels

If you like your men rough — and your sex rougher! — then it’s time for a face-to-face with Brawlers, the newest and scrappiest Mustang Studios to date. The Brawlers meet once a month. Their motto is: There’s nothing like pain. It makes you remember that you’re alive. Each member is handed an envelope with a task inside that will get them in a fight or laid — or both! Tyler Michael’s card is simple enough: “Fuck your best friend”, so he invites Mustang Exclusive Cal “Speedy” Reynolds over to watch the game and things get rough from there. Shane Rollins is instructed to “Pick a fight in a bar”, so he heads over to the local watering hole and flirts with Ray Stone’s girlfriend. That leads to a hot fuck-and-suck session between the two, with Tamas Eszterhazy joining in. The victor owns the vanquished in every scene, but in the finale, Jon Galt takes his lumps (and has to have gone home bruised) with a raucous fuck from Matt, while studs Trey Casteel, Nick Marino and Tommy Blade watch and get ready for the cum-soaked five-man orgy that is yet to come. The remaining scenes are also excellent, especially the round robin suck and fuck delivered by Shane Rollins, Ray Stone and Tamas Eszterhazy. Eszterhazy also shines in a duo with beefy Mark Slade, luring the beefy dude into gay sex by giving him what his girlfriend won’t: a slurpy, wet blowjob that leads to a whole lot more.

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