Casting For Stars 1 (2008)

Year: 2008
Country: United States
Directed by: Afton Nills
Studio: Xtreme Productions / 1R Media
Genre: Twinks, Oral, Anal, Masturbation, Toys, Rimming, Safe sex
Length: 1:31:15
Starring: Mikhail Maddox, Devon Pryce, Paul Pratt, Teagan Daniels, Mason Ross, Riley Cox, Ashton Cox, Kayden Daniels, Reed Parker, Quinn Alexnder, Kameron Scott

Is it illegal for twink-porn to be fun? Then director Nills is guilty of five enjoyable scenes featuring smooth twinks, like Disney princes with donkey-dicks.
Couple One: two cuties with streaked-blond hair. Upswept Blond sucks Basically Brunet’s tongue while rubbing cock on his chest, then turns him over and finger-probes suntanned bubble-butt. Suddenly Blond’s cock is pistoning in a wonderful nearly-invisible condom, making Brunet’s balls jiggle. Blond uses Brunet’s hair as reins while he dog-dicks Brunet. Then they flip! Round-eyed Daniels says he’s been called adorable “many times.” His partner, sunshine-blond Ross, when asked if his ass gets complimented, says it gets looked at a lot, “I’m not sure it’s a compliment.” Their assignment is to jack off on separate beds. Ross tickles cre`me from himself with an odd massager. One Cox is tan, one pink. Pink shows fuckable ass-crack as he sucks reclining Tan. No sculptor could capture the pose. Pink lies back. Tan lifts a pink leg and fucks him, apparently easily, but Pink keeps gasping and grimacing. He gasps, “I love it” and “Fuck it.” They end by jacking each other. Fourth couple, shavehead and tousle-haired, are very romantic. Tousle seems passive at first, letting Shavehead unbutton his shirt, but then turns-on and aggresses, and the two seem to compete as to who can be most raunchily romantic. Flash cameras record Shavehead winning first by fingering and fucking Tousle’s love-tunnel, but then Tousle tools Shavehead’s poop-chute, vigorously, and shoots in his mouth. Dream-jock Pratt explains why he’s bored with taking his shirt off to show a body like Roman bronze: “I’ve done it, you know, way too much.” But prissy blond Pryce likes to suck “those,” meaning Pratt’s nipples . Pratt isn’t bored with rimming and fucking round, “outie” baby-blond butthole, bending Devon back till Devon kisses his own huge cock. In a laundry room, a “preview scene” for another movie has a skinny blond eating a big jock’s cock like a starving twink. The jock is cock-hungry, too. Surprise, the skinny blond is the fucker, and jock a melting buttboy, jacking and shooting to his tits!

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