RSVP (2009)

Year: 2009
Country: Czech Republic
Directed by: Richie Oldmann
Studio: TitanMen Fresh
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Rimming, Group, Twinks, Cumshot, Big Dick
Length: 1:56:08
Cast: Brian Brower, Milan Johanson, Marco Mark, Luko Marshall, Jarek Soldan, Luke Taylor, David White, Adam Zarsky

Description: A bunch of hot guys arrive at a house party that Brian Brower and Milan Johanson are hosting in a big, multi-floored townhouse. Everyone greets each other with a peck on the cheek and the guys start the party off with a toast. Flipping on the TV, they’re soon transfixed as they watch muscular, smooth Luke Taylor and Jarek Soldan making out and banging their stiff boners together.
Luke drops to his knees and sucks Jarek’s throbbing cock, getting it nice and slick with plenty of spit, and hungrily stuffs Jarek’s low hanging balls into his mouth. Jarek grabs the back of Luke’s head and drives his cock all the way down Luke’s throat to his balls, then goes down on Luke, holding Luke’s uncut cock against Luke’s six-pack so he can tongue his sack. Jarek grabs Luke’s throbbing uncut dick and inhales it down his throat, then stands and continues to piston fuck Luke’s throat before blasting a thick wad of hot, steamy spunk all over Luke’s ripped chest. It’s Luke’s turn to shoot, and Jarek kneels down so Luke can blow his load, which splatters Jarek’s broad torso with sticky sperm.
Luke and Jarek find a comfortable chair in another room, where Luke kneels on all fours while Jarek probes his muscular butt with a couple of fingers, then drives his tongue up Luke’s tight hole, making Luke moan in pleasure. Jarek slides on a condom, lubes up and crams his dick deep up Luke’s eager ass from behind. Jarek sits on the chair and Luke climbs on his cock, facing out, and rides up and down Jarek’s rigid meaty shaft while his own massive meat slaps against his hard abs as he’s getting fucked. Luke lies back on the arm of the chair, throws his muscular long legs over Jarek’s shoulders and strokes his cock as Jarek slam-fucks his chute; Luke moans as Jarek plunges his pole up his ass and eventually shoots a huge cum load all over his own chest. Jarek yanks out of Luke’s well-used hole and blasts a hot wad of cream all over Luke’s ripped torso.
Luko Marshall and David White are in the hallway at the base of the stairs, where they pull each other’s shirts off to reveal their smooth tight bodies; they kiss and slide their tongues all over each other, chewing on each other’s pecs and sucking face. When they pull their pants off, their juicy uncut cocks are already standing at attention. David grabs and strokes Luko’s dick, then drops to his knees and tongues Luko’s head before swallowing his cock to the balls. As David eagerly sucks Luko’s dick, horny Brian Brower appears at the top of the stairs stroking his cock; he comes down the stairs and immediately starts making out with Luko while Luko continues to face fuck David. When Brian strips naked, David helps himself to a mouthful of Brian’s uncut meat while Brian and Luko kiss.
Brian kneels on the floor and goes back and forth between Luko and David, swallowing and licking their cocks while they chew on each other’s nips. Brian jerks his own dick while he feasts on his buddies’ raging hard-ons. All three guys stroke their veined cocks, with David splattering one side of Brian’s hard chest while Luko shoots jizz all over the other side; Brian moans and groans as he covers the marble floor with his own sticky load.
The three guys bring their bouncing boners to the dining room and hump and grind on each other while they kiss. Luko leans over the table and Brian pulls his meaty cheeks apart and dives tongue first into his crack while David shoves his pole down Luko’s throat. Brian slides on a rubber and pumps Luko’s well greased ass, then David pulls on a condom of his own and takes his turn banging Luko’s butt while Brian feeds Luko his cock. Luko lies on his side and David continues to ram his ass while Luko gags on Brian’s hard dick. David pulls out of Luko’s ass and unloads a huge wad of creamy cum all over Luko’s muscular thighs, then Brian strokes off, spraying the dining room table with his load.
Back in the living room, handsome Adam Zarsky, hot Marco Mark and sexy Milan Johanson are still on the couch groping each other and sucking hungrily on each other’s tongues. Adam and Milan pull Marco’s shirt off to reveal his muscular tanned body. Adam slowly explores Marco’s pits with his tongue, and Milan strips his shirt off to unleash his thickly muscled chest and tattooed shoulders. Once the guys are naked, Adam gets on his knees and helps himself to a throat full of Marco’s and Milan’s thick poles while Marco and Milan kiss.
Milan sits on the edge of the couch while Adam deep throats his dick and Marco feeds Milan his bone. Milan sits back while Adam swallows his cock and Marco feeds on Adam’s stiff shaft. Milan and Marco stroke together and blast ropes of hot sticky jizz all over Adam’s muscled chest, and Adam moans and spasms with pleasure as he shoots his own thick sperm to mix with theirs.
The guys find a huge stone-floored, high-ceilinged bathroom, where Marco and Milan work up a sweat spit roasting Adam on the edge of the tub, with Marco pumping Adam’s ass from behind while Milan face fucks Adam. Milan pulls on a condom and positions Adam on his back at the edge of the tub, hoisting Adam’s thick thighs over his shoulder as he splits Adam’s tight ass in two while Marco gags Adam with his meat. Adam impales himself on Marco’s cock, riding Marco’s dick like a champ and stroking his shaft while Milan strokes his own bone. As Marco crams Adam’s ass full of dick, Adam sprays himself with a hot pool of spunk, then drops to the floor while Milan and Marco stroke their cocks and soak his chest with their sperm.

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